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About Us...

We are a small greeting card company that was founded in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward by Cory DeWalt in 2009. Cory’s early interest in greeting card design began with her first job at a small card shop in Ohio, at a time when she was learning the fine art of letterpress printing. She attended  Kent State University and graduated from MIAD with a BFA in graphic design. After graduation, she worked as a designer/art director at a few boutique design firms before giving into her entrepreneurial spirit and venturing out on her own to start CYD Design, Ltd.

Since 1998, CYD has been creating unique design ideas for consumer product packages, branding and promotional materials. "Our passion comes from our team’s strong desire to create; with a goal of deeply connecting to people and businesses that have a positive effect on the earth, the environment and other people’s lives." The idea for Garden Grams was born out of these ideals and developing the seed embedded greeting cards has been a labor of love ever since.


Today CYD employs a talented team of designers who value old-school technique but also embrace the latest tools in modern technology. Cory’s personal touch and love of connecting people to products has fueled the firm’s growth and garnered national attention for CYD’s award-winning packaging and brand designs. For more information, visit

Giving Back
We cherish the earth and environment and hope to make a positive impact on people and the community. Our cards are printed using environmentally sound and responsible methods and we are committed to giving back a percentage of our profits to like-minded, not-for-profit organizations. Contact us at if you would like to learn more.