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About Us...

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Who we are...
We are a small greeting card co. that was founded in our little design office in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward by me, Cory DeWalt in 2009. It all began with my very first job, working in a boutique card shop in Ohio back in the 80's.  At the same time, I was developing a love for letterpress printing and was actually learning to print in high school. I went on to study graphic design at Kent State and ended up in Milwaukee, getting my BFA in design. I worked at a few smaller design firms but I always knew I'd venture out on my own.

I started CYD Design in 1998 and really found a niche in creating brands and designs for consumer product packages. We loved to help our entrepreneur clients create their new products just as much as we loved designing the look and the brand. So I had the bright idea, "let's design our own products". So here we are -- six years, five designers, a million product iterations and two office dogs later  -- our first product offering, Garden Grams. Ha, nobody said it was easy.

Thanks to our talented and wonderful designers that have been on this venture with me. I couldn't have done it with out you.

Our Partners in Crime
Some people call them "the seed people" we just call them our life line. We partnered with They makes all things Garden Grams; the expertly crafted seed mixes, our wonderfully thick, rich and environmentally responsible seed paper, the beautifully impressed letterpress printing. they are the bomb. they put together all the card with our super colorful envelopes


what can't they do?


why you might ask? we'll because they've been doing it for 20 years and their experts at it. not only that they share our values,
ideals for


and they do it with all our shared value and ideals of saving the earth  

We cherish the earth and environment and hope to make a positive impact on people and the community. Our cards are printed using environmentally sound and responsible methods and we are committed to giving back a percentage of our profits to like-minded, not-for-profit organizations. Contact us at if you would like to learn more.