Grow a little on Earth Day :)!

For Earth Day this year we planted our cards in seed starters made from recycled local newspaper...see instructions to make below! :)

What you'll need: newspaper, scissors, a small can. We used a tomato paste can but a soda can works well, too.

If you plan on planting right away you'll also need dirt and a pre-soaked Garden~Grams card (gg-card). And you may want to have something to put the planted seed starters on because they will leak water otherwise (we used a big plant saucer).

Take a few sheets of newspaper, layer and cut them length-wise in 3 strips.

(1) Loosely roll one strip at a time around your can leaving about an inch of newspaper hanging off the end.

(2) Fold the hanging edge of the newspaper over the can and flatten against the bottom. It's okay if there is a hole peeking through the paper -- that provides extra drainage.

(3) Slide the can out and voilà! You have yourself a nifty biodegradable seedling pot!

Now you are ready to plant! Fill each pot with dirt leaving an inch of room at the top.

Tear your pre-soaked gg-card into quarter size pieces and place on top of the soil.

Sprinkle a thin layer of dirt on top and water regularly. You should see the fruits of your labor in 1-4 weeks!