How to plant your Garden~Grams Card!

What you'll need:
- A pre-soaked garden-gram card (pre-soaked in water for approx 8 hours)
- Pile o' dirt
- Small container/s to plant in (we used vintage teacups found at a local antique shop)

1) Fill your planting containers with dirt, leaving an inch of room at the top...

3) Lay card pieces on top of dirt, covering most of the dirt area.

2) Tear soaked card into quarter size pieces. If the paper dries out the seeds won't sprout (so make this part snappy! ;)).

4) Cover card pieces with a thin layer of loose dirt (about 1/8th of an inch is ideal).

5) Water regularly, keep moist, place in a warm sunny spot, relax and watch grow! Sprouts in about 1-4 weeks. Check back soon for our "Let's talk transplanting." Thanks!