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Frequently Asked Questions...

What Is A Garden-Gram?
It's simple -- a greeting card that grows! It’s a plantable seed embedded card that is super easy to plant and grow. Garden-Grams are an innovative form of expression, beautifully designed and letterpress printed. The perfect little card for anyone that likes to get their hands dirty!

Our cards are seed embedded, each with a fun, quirky greeting corresponding to seed type with a brightly colored envelope for mailing. Try all three seed varieties and see what pops up!

What Type Of Seeds Do We Have?
WILDFLOWER MIX - Black-Eyed Susans, Shirley Poppies, Bird Snapdragons, White Yarrow & Evening Primrose seeds
VEGETABLE MIX - Carrot, Lettuce & Cherry Tomato seeds
HERB MIX - Parsley, Chives & Sweet Basil seeds

How Can We Be Sure That Each Card Will Grow?
A report of seed analysis by a registered seed technologist is carried out in accordance with AOSA rules (Association of Official Seed Analysts, Inc.). Detailed germination results for a consistent amount of seeds per square inch ensure that every card will produce sprouts with the proper care.

- Approximately 160 seeds per card.
- Seed paper shelf life is roughly 1 year.

How Do You Plant?
1. Soak entire card in water overnight and then tear card into quarter size pieces. If the paper dries out the seeds won’t sprout. Just keep a good eye on it for proper moisture.

2. Plant pieces under thin layer of loose soil 1/8th of an inch deep. Keep moist and place in a spot above 68° (grow lights will work, too) until seedlings are well-established. Sprouts typically appear in 1-4 weeks.

3. Once there are well-established sprouts, replant to a small pot or container and add more potting soil.

4. Water regularly, keep moist, stay sunny, relax and watch grow! When the plant gets bigger you can choose to relocate into your garden!

Are Our Cards Seasonal?
Depends on where you live…

If You Don’t Have Strong Sunlight, Can You Use A Grow Light?
Absolutely, yes!


Are GG Cards A Substitute For Regular Seeds?
Nope, Garden-Grams is foremost a way to connect with others and have fun doing so. They will surely sprout under the proper care, however, our advice is to use regular seed packs if you are super serious about your garden.

When Will Sprouts Grow?
Vegetable and Herb Seed paper sprout in about 10-15 days and flowers can bloom in about 10 weeks.

What About The Cards?
- Each card is 4.5” Wide by 6.25” Tall
- Each card comes with a brightly colored FSC Certified A6 envelope
- Due to the heavier stock of seeded paper, the USPS requires you to
   use a first class stamp
- Approximately 160 seeds per card
- Seed paper shelf life is roughly 1 year

How Are We Eco & Social Conscience?
We care about the environment as much as we do about our products so that’s why we’ve taken so much care in making a quality product that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

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*FSC, or the Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. No additional trees have been cut down in the production of this product

What Is Our Printing Process?
Letterpress is one of the oldest and most beautiful printing technique available. Metal plates with raised images are inked then pressed against soft, seeded paper. The result is a lush impression distinctive of the letterpress process. More like a work of art as no two printed pieces are exactly the same. It’s unique look and feel makes it stand out from other printing methods found today. By letterpress printing our cards there is minimal impact on seeds.

We use biodegradable water-based solvent-free soy inks on the seed paper without damaging the seeds. This process has been carefully engineered to offer the highest print quality and germination rates. By using recycling-friendly inks the resulting waste is not considered hazardous and can be treated more easily, completely and cost-effectively.